AIBA Corporation, a distributing agent of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., engages in both sales and manufacturing of Yasugi steel, including cutlery steel, special steel, tool steel cuts, processed plates and forging dies.

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A distributing agent for Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Ask AIBA Corporation for Yasugi high-grade cutlery steel.

About the company

Contributions to society through steel products and mutual trust.

AIBA Corporation has gained a growing reputation among all the customers for more than 150 years since the late Edo Period. We aim at meeting the needs of society and building relationship of trust with our customers in the promotion of Yasugi Steel and other manufactured products. We engage in manufacturing a variety of steel products based on our profound knowledge and advanced technology accumulated through long-standing years of works and experiences in the special steel industry.

Selections of completed products in AIBA Corporation
(Material made by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.)

In addition to the production of the traditional Yasugi high-grade cutlery steel, alloy steel, carbon and stainless cutlery steel, we also engage in manufacturing of tool steel cutting products, processed plates and other completed products, ranging from precise machinery parts to large machined components. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by making full use of our profound knowledge, advanced technology and extensive machinery.

Since established as a metal wholesaler in 1861 (the late Edo Period), AIBA Corporation has received long-term support from both domestic and foreign customers in the promotion of traditional high-grade cutlery steel.

We are honored to perform as a distributing agent of Hitachi Metal Ltd. Yasugi Works for long-standing years.
We are also proud of the impressive transaction results in the past and the solid trust relationships with all our customers.

Company overview and history

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